Arturo, a Denmark based pseudonymous street artist – akin to a second Banksy – planned a humongous coup involving six well-known paintings, six museums in six European countries and a robbery of the paintings that was carried out sixfold.

Usually causing quite a stir with his provoking anti-establishment directed happenings and the striking spiral symbol labeling his works, he aimed to taking it even further this time: he included the public in search for the paintings letting accrue a giant art happening. The initiative fails though, Arturo is being murdered and an art thriller evolves. Searching for the paintings – both fictitiously inside the series and in real public – unfolds the interactive and transmedia dimension of the Scandinavian crime series. The audience can join in on several online games on and on facebook, having to pass creative tasks in order to score and eventually approach the paintings. Even drawings are to be handed in, matching Beuys’ philosophy of every-man-is-an-artist.

The action culminated in front of the European Parliament in Brussels on 9/28; the online game ended with the return of the paintings and the collective artwork’s unveiling.



We extended the drupal backend with an API for points, map levels and games.

We used actionscript 3 and encrypted php calls to bind over 20 minigames to the points system and the user database.

We engineered google maps to fit the visual style of the series and allow us to manipulate the zoom levels of the map depending on the game progress.

We deployed The Spiral on a scalable server able to host hundreds of thousands entries of user-generated content, millions of API calls and adjustments on the fly.


Die Thrillerserie "The Spiral" überschreitet die Grenzen von Fernsehen, Onlinespiel und Realität.
überaus neuartiges und ehrgeiziges Projekt
Mit der Serie »The Spiral« erprobt ARTE eine neue Art des Fernseh-Erlebens.



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