What a lovely fruit garden! The fruit looks ripe and juicy! But Theo the Raven, the cheeky thief, wants to swipe our fruit. He will employ all sorts of tricks and toys to distract you and get the fruit from your basket.
Only a quick harvesting of the trees carrying crunchy cherries, juicy apples, sweet pears and marvellous plums prevents the snitching of fruits by the impudent and insatiable raven.

The child plays directly against Theo the Raven. When it’s the ravens turn, he creeps a little closer, or starts one of many mini-games. This loosens up the course of the game, and creates moments of surprise.

The mobile (ios, android) game for the 30 year anniversary of the classic board game “ORCHARD” invites children to play and learn about fruit and colours. The game is translated in 17 languages and was developed in collaboration with Fox & Sheep and HABA.

ORCHARD is mainly orientated towards enhancing the child’s awareness of colours, forms, and of course fruit and vegetables from all over the world.



Beautiful and smoothly animated. There are little surprises here and there that keep the game lighthearted.
The Orchard is a neat and well-crafted app that offers stress-free fun for kids aged three and above
der Klassiker wurde wunderbar in die digitale Welt übertragen und ist nun eine hervorragende Spiele App mit Lerneffekt


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