On a perfectly normal, totally magical hill, stands a very special apple tree, full of confetti blossom, autumn leaves and rosy apples all at the same time. Beneath the apple tree lives a very small and very curious young snail called Milli. Milli is the only snail on Apple-Tree Hill, and when we first meet her, she is not sure what it means to be a snail.

She is very slow, she knows that much.

But Milli, as we have said, is also very curious. More than that, she is inquisitive, and it is her constant need to understand the world around her that fuels her adventures. For example, when Milli sees Harry the Stag Beetle’s magnificent antlers, she doesn’t think: “Oh, that’s interesting.” She thinks: “I wonder what it would be like to have antlers like that?” And thus another adventure begins.

Apple-Tree Hill is a very small hill, but an enormous world at the same time. A microcosm of fantastic, beautiful, strange and familiar creatures, all of whom have something unique to share with Milli and her friends. Apple-Tree Hill is also an island, surrounded by a river that tastes of apple juice thanks to all of the apples which fall from the tree and roll down the hill into the water. One side of the hill is bathed in glorious sunshine and the other is constantly in shadow. It’s cold and dark on that shadowy north side and the creatures who live there are strange, slippery and a little bit scary – until you get to know them, that is.



We wrote native iOS and android code binding to javascript functions.

We customized the popular spritebuilder development suite for our animators to create pixel-perfect movement.

We extended the Cocos2D-x game engine to support advanced interactions and user-generated music.

We imported the chipmunk physics engine to generate advanced collisions and interactions.


Milli might just be the most beautiful app for the iPad
Milli the Snail is both thematically and artistically an exceptionally interesting storybook app.
In addition to a fabulous, charming animated story with a positive message, Milli the Snail includes plenty of fun and games.
A small celebration for children and parents, full of details, funny ideas and cute heroes from forest and grassland.
Milli has great artwork, age-appropriate approach, international appeal and well-thought through usage of various platforms to engage the audience.



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