Impossible Bottles is an rhythm game for mobile devices.
You guide a genius inventor on his quest to fix his incredible machines and provide an endless energy source to the world by solving brain tickling puzzles.

The game follows the story of a genius scientist whose goal in life is to create the first eternal source of energy, by bringing to life his gigantic mechanic golems generating enough power to satisfy global demand.

Such incredible machines blend organic with inorganic matter. According to their inventor‘s master plan, an enormous electric charge can bring them to autonomous life. The only way to concentrate so much energy at once, is to connect his robots to the global electric grid for a single second. The risk of this causing a worldwide blackout with unequaled damages was too high, so his project was deemed as too dangerous by the scientific community and forbidden by authorities.

During years of uninterrupted work in solitude, our mad scientist has been illegally expanding a maze of underground laboratories where the robots hide.

Finally the day has come, for him to prove his genius and solve humanities greatest problem. He secretly connects the machines to the global electric grid and turns them on.



Impossible Bottles only needs one beautiful gif to win you over


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