The Disaster Resilience Journal is an interactive documentary that examines how individuals, communities and countries around the world are building resilience in a landscape of climate change, and social, economic and cultural shifts.
The documentary is serialized as a set of 42 short articles, released one a day via social media networks, blogs and word of mouth. Each article is associated with a general theme: what are the issues that at-risk communities face; what steps are they taking to prepare for disasters and become more resilient; what does their resilience mean and look like? Articles can take the form of photo or video essays, interviews, games or quizzes, each with the aim of educating the audience about resilience through example and illustration. Viewers are then asked to contribute their own stories of resilience.
The Disaster Resilience Journal campaign combined traditional storytelling with new and emerging technologies in web, mobile and animation. Evolving around an interactive web-documentary experience in 11 languages, it highlighted stories of disaster resilience through media outreach, websites, social media and live events, reaching over 9.3 million users in less than two months.



We developed the games and quizzes in canvas for fast rendering and cross platform support.

We used the angular.js framework to better serve dynamic content.

We implemented an advanced backend supporting localisation in eleven languages and multiple media formats.


The journal reveals just how human-shaped the problems, effects, and solutions to these natural disasters really are.



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