There’s a fascinating world below Berlin’s surface – dark and sometimes claustrophobic tunnels and bunkers, the “underworld” (Unterwelten). Following the Berliner Unterwelten e. V. to a tour down there to listen to their stories about Berlin during WWII and the Cold War in this stunning environment is a must-see for everyone, Berlin visitor or resident.

Now there’s a mobile app that lets you experience the “Unterwelten” feeling without actually climbing underneath the surface of the city, be it that you want to relive a bunker tour you’ve enjoyed, see a new one from afar or see exclusive bunkers that aren’t accessible to the public. Together with the Berliner Unterwelten e.V. we thought of a way to convey both the emotion and the comprehensive information that is belongs to any bunker visit. Users can enter the bunkers from a 3D map of Berlin. In each bunker, they will be greeted with a narration (audio file), numerous photographs and info graphics among other things.



The unity 3D engine is utilized to depict the depth of the bunkers and guide users through a low-poly map of Berlin.


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