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Second year of mentoring at the Academy for Children Media, Oct 30, 2014

Federico Dini will be the transmedia mentor at the Academy for Children Media for the second consecutive year. The Academy for Children Media is a media training workshop for professional writers and talents in the fields of film, animation series and children's books. The workshop takes place yearly in four one-week modules.

Atterwasch in Tous Écrans, Oct 20, 2014

Our webdocumentary 'Atterwasch' will be presented during this year's Tous Écrans Festival in the 'International Transmedia' section. The Geneva International Film Festival/Festival Tous Écrans has been exploring the relationship between cinema, television, and new forms of digital creation since 1995, with a programme based on one simple idea: Authors are at the heart of audio-visual creation and their viewpoints are expressed through our screens.

Atterwasch shortlisted for a Lovie Award, Sep 24, 2014

The Lovie Awards is the only pan-European Award to honour the entire breadth of content created for the Internet. We are honoured to have Atterwasch shortlisted in the category "social & community".

Milli at Cinekid Festival, Sep 11, 2014

cinekid festival 2014
Jiannis Sotiropoulos will be presenting Milli during this year's Cinekid Festival. The talk will be about the successful crowdfunding campaign of Milli earlier this year and how the financial model was secondary to the audience engagement.

Korčula Cross Media Lab, Jul 22, 2014

KCM LAB is a 5 day educational and networking event focused on merging creative professionals with tourism professionals. The event will take place at the stunning Croatian island of Korčula between the 22nd and 26th of September. Marco Spaapen will be talking about interactive storytelling and our latest location-based experiences and apps.

Cross-Platform storytelling at the Children’s Media Conference, Jun 01, 2014

The Children’s Media Conference is the only gathering in the UK for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids – on all platforms. Federico Dini will participate in a discussion panel about cross-platform storytelling where he will also introduce "Milli". The event takes place between the 2nd and 4th of July in Sheffield, UK.

Mentoring at the Multiplatform Business School, May 04, 2014

The Multiplatform Business School is a project-based, tutorial and consultation driven course, which focuses on the business aspects of creating cross-platform content. MPBS is designed for participants to develop their skills in creating crossmedia strategies and building sustainable business models for projects with transmedia potential. Jiannis Sotiropoulos will be one of the mentors of the course taking place in Ronda, Spain between the 14th and 18th of July.

Milli’s story at the Media Convention Berlin, Apr 15, 2014

This year’s Media Convention will take place in conjunction with the Berlin Web Week and will run concurrent with re:publica at the STATION-Berlin. Maria Grau-Stenzel will be presenting Milli's storyworld in 6 exciting minutes on Tuesday, 6th of May at 13:45.


back to the drawing board. Milli will introduce children to the world...
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Google Releases Hundreds of Material Design Icons on GitHub http://t.co/sVMbAPx8zd
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yes to competition! HBO is planning a standalone web subscription service for 2015 http://t.co/U40srTMuk2
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Crazy fun at the medialab of the cinekid festival. Art, installations, occulus rift! http://t.co/sSbw0PTY3L
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Netflix-Effekt: Die plötzliche Liebe deutscher Sender und Filmstudios zu Qualitäts-TV-Serien http://t.co/0wAivAzOD7
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Everyday Everywhere: Seeing How the World Lives Through Instagram http://t.co/ge1lbsCVSf http://t.co/yLznpCMxPk
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want to catch a preview of Milli? Tap on Jiannis' shoulder tomorrow or...
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