Hello. We are Honig Studios.

Honig Studios is an award winning, interdisciplinary production company that creates ‘storyworlds’, story-driven experiences that are playful and memorable, across multiple platforms. Our formats combine storytelling with interactive media to create transmedia experiences, market products and brands.

Honig Studios has successfully collaborated with brands like Universal Music, Myvideo, Warner Music and film production companies like Caviar Films and Essential Films to deliver unique campaigns.

Our productions have been nominated and won world-renowned awards (Emmy Awards, Prix Europa, FWA) and our projects have been supported by national and international institutions (Medienboard, EXIST hightech strategy for Germany, MEDIA, Power to the Pixel).


Latest News

Art & interactivity for children at ITFS, Mar 18, 2014

Maria Grau-Stenzel will be talking about art, play & interactivity for children's stories at this year's Gamezone at the ITFS Festival (26th of April) in Stuttgart. The ITFS is one of the biggest and most important international festivals for animated film. It has developed into an essential event within the field of animated film in Germany and worldwide.

Presenting Milli at the APD, Feb 28, 2014

Maria Grau-Stenzel will be presenting our children's app, Milli at the Animation Production Day. This will be the first presentation of the complete app in public! The APD, hosted by FMX and ITFS, is a business platform for the international animation industry. In effective one-to-one meetings, APD brings together financing, distribution and co-production partners for cinema, TV and transmedia animation projects.

Transmedia Consulting for the initiative “TV from Thüringen”, Jan 15, 2014

Jiannis Sotiropoulos will be the transmedia consultant for this year's "Fernsehen aus Thüringen" initiative. "Fernsehen aus Thüringen" is an initiative to support innovative, serial TV-Formats for children and young adults.

Tutoring at the Financing Forum for Kids Content, Dec 19, 2013

Federico Dini will be one of the tutors of two intensive workshops at the Financing Forum for Kids Content. The workshops will focus on marketing and audience engagement for children’s live action features. Learn how to identify, engage and understand the audience of your project and end up with a strong marketing plan. The workshops will take place at Berlin (8th of February) and Malmö (11th of March).

Milli at the “Future of Storytelling” course, Dec 14, 2013

The online course "Future of Storytelling" is hosting a chapter about Milli. In the video Maria describes how we structured and defined the interactions for a preschool audience.

Webdoc Event at Betahaus Berlin, Nov 21, 2013

Maria Grau-Stenzel will be presenting Milli at today's Webdoc meeting. She will talk about the creative process of discovering and developing Milli. She will also openly discuss the production, financing and marketing approach of Honig Studios. Join her today at the Betahaus! Prinzesinnenstraße 19-20, 19:00 - 21:00

TransCross Event in HFF Munich, Oct 22, 2013

Jiannis Sotiropoulos will be speaking this Thursday at the TransCross Symposium at the University of Television & Film in Munich. He will present our latest production "The Spiral" and will participate in a dialogue with media professionals and students about the future of storytelling. On Friday he will lead a workshop together with Professor Egbert von Wyngaarden about the development of fictional, crossmedia formats.

Milli wins cinekid Pixel Market Award 2013, Oct 17, 2013

Fleur Winters, head of Cinekid for Professionals handed out the Cinekid Pixel Market Award 2013 in London this evening to our children's cross media project Milli. The award is for the best children's project that was pitched at the Pixel Forum, a co-production market for cross media projects in development, organized by Power to the Pixel. The prize is automatic selection to the Junior Co-production Market in Amsterdam next week during Cinekid for Professionals. Milli was selected because of its great artwork, age-appropriate approach, international appeal and well-thought through usage of various platforms to engage the audience.


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